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      Red Chateau restaurant is located in the house built in year 1850 on Main St., the first and only
      street in Drumondville, since 1882 as village of Niagara Falls. The street connected two Great
      lakes. About 70 000 tourists came yearly by a steamboat and then were brought by horse
      carriage to the Main Street with many hotels, taverns, brewery and shops surrounded by only
      fruit trees and meadows. The house stands on former War of 1812 Battlefield.


      Central European born Chef Jarmila S. was interested in cooking and baking since early age.
      To become a chef she attended professional culinary school in Europe for several years.
      A professional passion for quality gourmet food and interest in décor and romantic ambiance
      of historic castles and chateaus built across Europe lead Jarmila to open Red Chateau restaurant.
      Red Chateau is here to give you feel and taste of past times.


      Red Chateau menu is based on dishes served in European restaurants near half a century ago.
      The dishes are originated from Central Europe and France with only a few from Eastern Europe.
      Some dishes are clamed to be traditional in several European countries.
      Authentic classic cuisine as well as chef's specialities are prepared by using healthy and flavorfull
      French cooking technology.
      Delicious desserts and rye sourdough bread are made from scratch on premises as well.
      Chef Jarmila creates dishes from scratch using quality fresh ingredients and vegetable oil.
      Spices, fruit and vegetable are organically grown in our garden.
      Our cooking style with organics results in real taste of ingredients and quality benefitial to our health.


      Chef Jarmila S