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      What a gracious, delicious, unique dining experience.
      meals are cooked individually using fresh, organic local foods.
      Our party tried the smoked pork appetizer with home baked
      sourdough bread and the red cabbage.
      Entrees were coq au vin, chicken paprikash, fresh pork fillet Bohemia.
      All beautifully seasoned and prepared. A lovely evening. Thank you
      Patricia M. Manhattan NY New York

      In a landscape primarily populated by the likes of Denny's and T.G.I. Friday's,
      The Red Chateau is a very pleasant surprise. Jarmila, the chef and owner,
      serves up excellent central European fare in a unique and intimate space.
      The garlic bread starter was a real treat (this is definitely not East Side Mario's folks!),
      The gypsy-style salmon fillet entree was perfect, and the dessert crepe was delicious.
      A plate of gourmet cookies for the road was icing on the cake.
      Do yourself a favour if you happen to be in Niagara Falls,
      skip the chain restaurants and all-you-can-eat buffets and check out The Red Chateau.
      Steve T. Toronto ON

      We really enjoyed our meals.
      Robert Masterson

      I cannot say enough great things about this place! My boyfriend and I were visiting
      Niagara Falls and decided to go here to celebrate our anniversary.
      We usually have a hard time finding good places to eat because I'm vegan and he is definitely not.
      The atmosphere is small and cozy, perfect for a celebration or a romantic dinner.
      The owner really makes you feel like you are coming to her house for dinner,
      and can adjust anything on the menu to suit your taste or dietary needs.
      The vegetables come right from her own garden! For an appetizer we got the garlic bread.
      This isn't any ordinary garlic bread. The bread is freshly made and the garlic is just as fresh!
      For dinner my boyfriend got the beef Stroganoff and it came with red potatoes (from the garden).
      He said it was absolutely amazing. I got a salad that came with a homemade mulberry dressing
      that was incredible.
      For dessert I got a crepe with peaches. Crepes usually aren't vegan, but she can make them vegan for you.
      My boyfriend got apple strudel. You really can't go wrong with anything you order here.
      Overall it was a food experience I won't ever forget!
      Kristin G. New Haven USA

      Wonderful food - romantic ambiance, nice wine, we really
      enjoyed everything down to decadent dessert. Thanks for
      the fantastic birthday dinner! We will be back! Mark New Jersey